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Determination of Attendant Care Needs:
Pouch Consulting LLC nurse case managers assist in identifying the injured patient's "activity of daily living" tasks and safety concerns with the associated time required to perform the tasks when establishing the letter of medical necessity.

Nurse Life Care Planning:

The American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners (AANLCP®) defines nurse life care planning as the specialty practice in which the nurse life care planner utilizes the nursing process in the collection and analysis of comprehensive, client specific data in the preparation of a dynamic document. This document provides an organized, concise plan that estimates reasonable and necessary (and reasonably certain to be necessary) current and future healthcare needs with the associated costs and frequencies of goods and services. The nurse life care plan is developed for individuals who have experienced an injury or have chronic healthcare issues. Nurse life care planners function within their individual professional scope of practice and, when applicable, incorporate opinions arrived upon collaboratively with various health professionals. The nurse life care plan is considered a flexible document and is evaluated and updated as needed. (AANLCP®, 2008)

Medical Case Management:
Pouch Consulting LLC nurses follow the framework of the nursing process: assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation for individuals with high-cost complex care needs to promote quality cost-effective outcomes. Our case managers perform an active role in providing advocacy and emotional support to patients and their families, facilitating complex physician and hospital case needs, and reducing insurer's costs.

Cost Projections:

Pouch Consulting LLC provides medical cost projections for specific procedures or complex medical care over a patient's lifetime.

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